EE Ministries

ADULTS (Classic EE)

Through a 13-session curriculum, trainees learn to effectively share the gospel in a concise and incremental manner, using many illustrations and scripture references. Each session comprises a lecture, gospel outline recitation, practice and on-the-job training segment. Line upon line, trainees gradually learn how to present the Gospel convincingly as they observe their trainer in a real life-sharing situation. Experience builds confidence. By the end of the training, trainees are able to share the whole Gospel presentation. They then, in turn, are equipped to become trainers, assisting others in learning how to do the same with the all-important process of multiplication in action.


For more than 55 years, Evangelism Explosion has impacted lives around the globe by equipping believers to share their faith. Millions have been trained and they, in turn, have trained millions of others. This “spiritual multiplication” is why EE has so effectively assisted the church in fulfilling the Great Commission.

XEE is another tool in EE’s toolbox. While it’s driven by the same core values, XEE is designed to meet the next generation right where they are. The training DVD guides discussion, which is the heartbeat of learning for them. Witnessing opportunities provide the means to build new and lasting relationships as well as deepen existing ones. The key to introducing the next generations to Christ is learning how to become relational and intentional. XEE will not only help you achieve this, it will serve to assist you in equipping others to do the same.

Hope for Kids

We equip children to share their faith. They can share not only to their parents but also to their siblings and friends.

Hope For Kids methods and approaches strive to provide children with numerous experiences that involve demonstration, discussions, practice and actual teaching of others. Hope For Kids enables children to effectively learn and retain the gospel Presentation.

By equipping children, they can share the gospel not only to their parents but also to their siblings and friends.