Opportunity for Service
Volunteer Trainers

Enrol in the Evangelism Equipping Ministry to serve as Trainer and Associate Trainer.

In order to benefit from a sustained period of discipleship, participants are required to commit to 13 consecutive weeks of training.  Similar to the development of character, evangelism is also more ‘caught than taught’.

Certified Trainers who have met the requirements of EE International will be accountable to lead and disciple the trainee participants with a high level of excellence. Associate Trainers who have completed one full semester will also be assisting the Trainers in the team.

Trainee participants will then be encouraged to train others upon completion of the course, thus giving them the opportunity to use the evangelistic skills that God has equipped them with.

Keen to come onboard? Leave your particulars on this contact form so that we can help you take the next step to being a volunteer trainer and impacting others with the talents God has given you.